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Verdicts and Fairness of the Treaty

Verdicts and Fairness of the Treaty

It is fair to say that whilst the Treaty of Versailles was harsh, the peacemakers had a very difficult task balancing the demands of opinion in their own countries against the need to make a secure peace. Most, likely, the Treaty was as fair as it could have been expected in the time and circumstances in which it was created. You need to be able to make your own judgement on this issue for the exam.

View this video file A video lesson that examines what the Big Three thought of the Treaty and then makes a final attempt at considering the fairness of the Treaty overall
View this MP4 file An MP4 Iphone ready version of the video looking at the fairness of the Treaty. Download the zip file and install it on your hand held device for portable revision and learning.

You can use any of these resources provided or use them in a way that suits your lesson. The animated presentations require Adobe Reader 9 or later. The latest version can be obtained here

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