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The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles

Each of the defeated countries had to sign a different treaty with the victorious Allies. The most important treaty was with Germany called the Treaty of Versailles. Wilson, Clemenceau and Lloyd George had to make compromises and none of them were happy with the final treaty. In the end, the Treaty was harsh, its terms can be divided into five areas: Guilt (for the war); Armed forces; Reparations; German Territories and the league of Nations.

View this video file The impact of the First World War and the background to the Paris Peace Conference lesson video
View this MP4 file An MP4 Iphone ready version of the video covering the terms of the Treaty. Download the zip file and install it on your hand held device for portable revision and learning.
View this video file An video map animation that examines the precise territory changes enacted by the Treaty of Versailles

You can use any of these resources provided or use them in a way that suits your lesson. The animated presentations require Adobe Reader 9 or later. The latest version can be obtained here

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